27: The Highs and Lows

My niece, Noa, and I at Ruthie's wedding

My niece, Noa, and I at Ruthie’s wedding

As I bid farewell to twenty-seven my sister asked me over a delicious birthday dinner, ‘what were your highs and lows of this year?’  It was a great question and I wish I’d taken time to give a more thoughtful answer.  So, now I will.

Twenty-seven was a great year but it didn’t start out that way.  This time last year was looking a little rocky.  Fall is always an intense time with Dad being in football but this particular year my job was in event season and my department recently down several people).  I was also in the process of making some big decisions about my relationships, my career, and my next move.

So the lows of last year are:

– the loss of several friendships

– the death of a coworker my last week at my former job

Bryan was one of those rare people who managed to make you feel like the most important person in the world every time you spoke to him.  He always had time for you.  He was wise, kind, gracious, and loving.  His absence in my life has been felt strongly.  We sat 10 feet away for several years and his death left a void in the office and in many lives, including my own.

It’s never easy to part ways with friends but I admit I have learned in my adult life it is sometimes necessary. While some people say ‘don’t burn bridges’ I think there is occasionally value in doing just that.  Twenty-seven brought with it a few defining moments and some tough impasses.  I did the best I knew how.   I hope to reap rewards of character built along the journey, it has been a rocky road.

I spent much of last fall in prayer as I soberly approached some tough decisions.  I prayed both for new and current friendships.  I wore out my knees in prayer over my next career move.  I lost sleep over all the decisions.  And so it’s with great pleasure I present the highs of twenty-seven which I credit to the fruits of all my sweet little prayer warriors labor:

– friends who feel like family

– my baby sister got married!

– a new job @ my church of five years

– my third set of amazing coworkers since college

– a new accountability partner

– the chance to travel to 2 new cities (Austin & Salt Lake City) as well as 1 new country (Togo)

And just in time (3 days before the deadline) to make the list: a nephew!  Thanks for completing this amazing year with a timely, healthy arrival Titus Eliot – you are the best possible cherry on top of a great year.

This list brings a big fat grin to my aging face.  Oh twenty-seven you were good to me.

I have become infamous for saying that the only people who mind getting older are those who aren’t where they want to be.  I feel so fortunate that I’m miles beyond where I hoped to be at twenty-seven and grateful for each day.  Every year has been better than the one before and so, I welcome twenty-eight with high hopes and great expectations.



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