May Your Cup Always Be Half Full: The Coffee Bar.

The beauty of being a homeowner and living on your own is when you get crazy whims you can roll with them.  This month’s whim? A coffee bar, at home.

I pinned a few examples other people had done to gain inspiration and then I made it my own.  Every good house project should start with one good piece that the rest can build on.  I found mine at a furniture consignment shop in South Tampa. Thank you Missing Piece.  I love used furniture.  I make the same argument for already-broken-in furniture that I do for used cars: you get a better deal and you don’t live in fear of the first dink.  Sooner or later everything get a love tap – I like to remove the pressure.


The top of the piece is made from a piece of driftwood. I didn’t want to be a crazy lady who wouldn’t let any liquid near the top of a coffee bar (aka – place for drinks) so I brought it home and coated the top with a seal so that it wouldn’t be easily damaged.

The following day I recruited one of my closest friends, Jess, to go on the prowl with me hoping that when I saw the next few items I would know they were meant to be mine.  When people ask me about my home decor style I can never describe it. I just always know what I want when I see it.


This picture shows more accurately the color of the piece.  Isn’t it fabulous? Can you believe I found this at a consignment shop?  Actually, you should.  90% of my furniture was purchased used.

It’s not finished yet but I wanted to show you what I’ve done so far.  And since I hate when people pin their ideas but don’t give you any help as to where things came from here’s a little push in the right direction if you’re considering a coffee bar:

– The ‘bar’: a dresser from a consignment shop in Tampa – used.

– The hanging piece on the wall is made of distressed red metal and was purchased at Homegoods in Lutz, FL


– This piece I found at Homegoods (South Tampa) for $12 and repurposed to hold coffee syrups because, well, they’re delicious

– All of the coffee mugs were already mine.  Most were gifts or from my travels.

– My french press was a gift from my brother-in-law (originally from Starbucks) and is perhaps my favorite component of the bar as it’s a constant reminder of him.

– My ‘metal’ C’s are both from TJMaxx’s (seeing a pattern here?) and were less than $10

Of course I intend to better fill that shelf at the top.  But I don’t want to rush it (inspiration has to strike people) so I decided not to wait to post this until it’s complete.  And really, when is anything in my house ever a done deal? I’m non-commital. I’m always changing it up.

One further recommendation – the big, deep drawers? A win for storing extras of absolutely everything without making the bar look junky.  The coffee bars I found on Pinterest before my project didn’t have much storage but I’m thankful now my piece just happened to provide that.  Oh and if you’re local-ish (within a short drive) of Tampa and you want me to go coffee bar shopping with you, drop me a line.  I’m always in the mood for a little home decor.



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