Falling in Love with Vintage.


It’s no secret that the only thing I love more than shopping for clothes is shopping for home decor.  Who would have thought?  But my newest love is bringing vintage pieces into my modern home.  Thanks to Pinterest I’ve found I’m in good company in my love of the marriage between the two.  I am taking a Friday (as previously mentioned my amazing job only works my Mon-Thurs) with a sweet friend to hit up a flee market in Mt. Dora, FL that is known for it’s amazing vintage finds.  I promise a follow-up post about that experience and hopefully showing off my loot.

In my pursuit of vintage I am trying to be intentional in adding pieces that remind me of people or places.  I love to bring back a vintage piece from places I travel, purchased with people I love.  Here’s a few of my latest additions:


Vintage Phone – Purchased in North Carolina with the Breslins.

I absolutely love this piece which is now resting atop of my entertainment center.  Partly because it’s awesome but mostly because it was purchased while visiting my older sister, bro-in-law, and niece the weekend before my nephew was born.  We went vintage shopping together and they helped me pick this out to bring back as my tribute piece.


Vintage lanterns purchased in Madison, IN with my best friend

These beauties were a find while vintage shopping in small town Indiana with my best friend.  One is on top of my kitchen cabinets and one in my book shelves.  I love that they remind me of a special weekend with her and I love having a constant reminder of her at home.


New York. Washington DC. Chicago.

This is the top of my coffee bar (featured in a previous post) which was recently given the addition of three city trinkets purchased at a Vintage store in Largo, FL during a retreat with my friend Kayla.  In my adult life I’ve been trying to visit a big city each year and these were three of my first cities (I added Salt Lake City, Utah this year).

I love for my house to reflect me and using pieces that tell where I’ve been and remind me of who I experienced each place with has been a perfect combo.  So, you may be wondering what am I on the hunt for this weekend?  Great question.  Here’s my list:

– I still want vintage B’s for my walls

– Keys for a few pinterest projects Kayla and I have been eyeing

– a kitchen scale (to go over my cabinets)

– an old type writer (because they’re awesome)

– a trunk to function as a coffee table

Wish me luck!



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