Mt. Dora

One of my favorite benefits of my current job is that I work four 10-hour days.  This gives me long weekends every weekend which keeps my wandering spirit free to do what it does best.  Even on the weekends I stay in town this makes for an ideal schedule – allowing me to get my errands, chores, and appointments out of the way on Friday so that I can actually enjoy my weekend duty-free.

This weekend I took a day trip to Mt. Dora, FL on Friday with my sweet friend, Jessica.  We have a shared love to flea markets, vintage, home decor, and kind of crafting (she’s really into crafting, I only dabble).  Unfortunately, when I choose a Friday for our outing I didn’t realize much of Renningers is closed on Fridays – leaving us with less shopping options than I had intended.  However, we still had a great little day trip away…

photo 1

We went in a ‘consignment’ second of the market and I loved this coca-cola kitchen set up.  To be honest there were a few pieces I would have happily added to my red and teal kitchen at home but none of the pieces I fell in love with were within my budget but also I’m short on space for any giant jukeboxes.  Sad, but true.


We took a midday break to eat the Gobin Market & to indulge in cupcakes from Cupcake Delights in downtown Mt. Dora (I with I’d taken pictures of the downtown, it was darling).  The food was delicious and the cupcakes were perfect.  We had a German Chocolate cupcake & a Red Velvet – we split them.  And of course as sweet treat connoisseurs we analyzed them.


The part row of shops that were open on Fridays were full of fun vintage decor. I wasn’t in the market for any big furniture pieces (as I previously shared) but there were a few small items I was hoping to find.  It wasn’t as successful of a purchasing trip as I had hoped but I came home with vintage silver spoons to use on my coffee bar and a little collection of vintage Ball mason jars from the early 1900s.

I am anxiously awaiting a return on a Saturday during an extravaganza weekend but I will say this made for the perfect, low-key day trip away.  If any of you are thinking this is right up your alley, Renningers is located in Mt. Dora, FL – about an hour and a half from Tampa (where I reside).

I would love suggestions from anyone in Florida who has areas they recommend for vintage shopping! I am always up for a new adventure and I still have a few items on my hit list.




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