Thoughts from Home.


Four fabulous days of being spoiled back ‘home’ in Indiana sure was what the doctor ordered.  I didn’t realize how much I needed the down time, the family fellowship, and ok, the shopping until I got there.  It was glorious.

As a Floridian of five years I’m always shocked when I deplane to fall.  Fall is a foreign concept to Tampa dwellers.  Yesterday was in fact the first time I’ve been able to open my balcony (only for an hour, at night, and my thermostat went up 4 degrees).  As they announced my decent into Indianapolis on Thursday I opened my Coach carryall, pulled out a jacket and a pair of closed toed shoes and proceeded to  prepare.  The woman next to me gave me a startled stare but this wasn’t my first rodeo.

What I craved most this trip was down time with my parents.  The older I get the more I appreciate quiet moments of soaking up their wisdom.  We had several mornings of drinking coffee and talking about life.  I’m so grateful for their wisdom when it comes to finances and how they raised me with the basic principles of tithe, save, spend.  They have modeled for my sisters and I what it looks like to live simply, give generously, and save responsibly.  These principles have guided them well and now govern our lives as well.

This year we’ve all three been reading through the bible in a year, in the same format.  Dad and I like the same translation – Mom is a little rogue with her NIV. I loved hearing which books of the bible and which stories they’ve enjoyed the most and talking about all the Lord has been teaching us this year.

It’s not a secret that I love to read but lately my life has been a whirlwind.  My days of being in bed by 9 with a book have been few and far between this fall.  But last weekend I was able to just sit and read.  No deadlines.  No interruptions.  It was heavenly.  I read a couple hundred pages, curled up by the fire, while Mom baked and Dad worked.

Ok fine, what you really want to hear about is the shopping right?  As much as we don’t get fall weather here I still love fall fashion.  At Mom’s suggestion we hit the Edenburg outlet mall the first day I arrived and shopped until we literally dropped.  Truthfully, my favorite part was probably buying housewarming gifts together for my best guy friend, Jared.  It was Mom’s idea so I can’t take credit.  We smelled every candle in the Yankee outlet trying to find a manly scent and then tasted every treat in Harry & David’s looking for an edible gift.  We stopped by his new ‘crib’ on our way home from the outlets and it was perfect.  Is there anything better than having your closest friends and family get along?

To top off a delightful weekend we won our game!  The Indianapolis Colts, that is.  It was an exciting, emotionally charged game as Peyton Manning came back to his former home to face us as a Bronco.  The game was epic.  Mom and I agreed we felt like we’d played ball ourselves by the end of that game.  Whew.

I’ve been journaling some notes from home and I expect to share many of them over the next few weeks but first I wanted to just recap the trip for those of you who have been asking what it was life.  It was perfect.  It was a little card to hop that flight home on Monday afternoon.  I sure got spoiled.  When I woke Tuesday and had to make my own coffee was I was slightly depressed!

There is truly no place like home.



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