I don’t have a lot of bad days.

I really do enjoy life. I learned early in adulthood that people have millions of excuses for the things they don’t have time or money for but the truth is you can do what you want. Now, if you don’t do it the right way it can have some longterm consequences (like debt) but if you prioritize, you really can pretty much do what you want. This is by far the best part about being an adult in my book.

Despite this I had an uncharacteristically ecky day last Tuesday and I was pretty down on life. I’d texted a girl friend for a pep talk and that kind of started to lift the fog. Then at lunch I sat down with a few of my coworkers and the amazing gal beside me who I’ve grown to love the last few months said, ‘so, do you just love your life? Because from just watching it – I love your life’!

I do. Every once in a while I need some one to come along and refresh my memory. I love my life. I have everything to be grateful for.

I live in the one place (of many lived) that’s always felt like home. My absolute favorite city. I get to travel. I have this amazing family. Great parents who love and support me. Two beautiful, talented sisters who married two great guys I now get as bros. My friends are truly the best support system. How many people have a friend who texts them encouragement every morning? How many have a best guy friend who has ‘date night’ with her every Monday just to make sure she doing well and catch up? Who else has friends that fly in to see her, cheer on her dad, take her mom for coffee, or go to church with her family even when she can’t be there? I have that.

Most people wait until they’re grandparents to own their dream home. My age is for starter homes. But I get to live in a place I literally dreamed about every day for a year and it’s mine!  This December will mark four years.

I’ve even had really cool jobs.  In college I worked as a waitress, interned with Americorp, managed a clothing store, and worked at this amazing, huge car dealership (that job was ridiculously fun). Since college I’ve been able to work for a crisis pregnancy center, for a non-profit planning events with NFL teams, and now at a church of over 7,000 regular attenders working with small groups.

I’m only 28 and already my life has been pretty cool.  I’ve been to 3 countries, and 32 states.  I’ve met a bunch of famous people (who by the way are a lot more like you and me than you might think).  I’ve even been able to reach over 100,000 people through blogging.

I don’t have a lot of bad days, but I do have some.  Some days stink.  But I’m more grateful than ever for friends who remind me of all I have to be thankful for and encourage me when I lose sight of what’s important.



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