Stormy Seas.

‘She stood in the storm, and when the wind did not blow her away, she adjusted her sails’ – Elizabeth Edwards

As the weekend rolled around I was so excited to finally have one at home.  I had the best time (as you may have read) back ‘home’ with my parents in Indiana and I’m anxiously awaiting meeting my nephew in Raleigh this coming weekend but being home is a treat in it’s own right.  I never sleep better than in my own bed.  I am never more at peace then in my own space.  I do my best recovering, reenergizing, and regrouping when I’m home.

This weekend wasn’t what I anticipated though.  This weekend was when the all the swirly winds and black clouds came to a head.  This weekend brought the rain.

We’ve all been through stormy seasons in our lives.  This one, the one I’m in, has been unlike any other.  I shared previously that I am in a season of being strong for the people I love.  I am walking through messy situations with amazing people.  The sweet part about this is, the Lord prepared me.  My goal for this year was to be at peace and to live with joy no matter what.  And much like that quote I’ve come to love, the storms have come and brought their wind but I haven’t blown away.

More than ever I see the value in a firm foundation.  Know who you are.  Be confident in what you believe.

This year has tested my foundation.  It has shown my roots.  It has blown me around and beat at me with it’s waves.

How sweet though that without my realizing it, the Lord has been preparing me for such days as these.  Last week I was humbled to realize how he’s grown me.  I came home from work, dropped my laptop bag on the ottoman and gratefully flung myself on the couch.  A few minutes later my phone rang.  I picked it up and on the other end was a dear friend who said, ‘I just need to you to calm me down and remind me of the Lord’s promises for my life’.  We talked, we prayed, and we hung up.

Two days later I was driving home late at night from church and meeting up with a friend when I received a call from another friend. We had a long, great catch up conversation about the good, the bad, and the ugly.  I was almost brought to tears though when she said, ‘I always know that you’ll love me.  That you’ll tell me if I’m wrong but that you’ll love me anyway’.  Last year this same friend walked me through a brutal season of betrayal, manipulation, and hurt and now I am here loving her through the same.

I shared a few weeks ago in this post that I moved to Tampa broken.  But in the years that I’ve been here the Lord has rebuilt me and now He’s using what I’ve been through to allow me to be there for others.  It is truly a sweet season.

The point of sharing this is to say that if you’re in a stormy season yourself, take heart.  They end. And someday (not right away) you’ll appreciate how that season has grown, matured, and strengthened you. Better still is the day when all those storms will benefit someone else who comes into or maybe has been in your life that needs that experience and the wisdom that comes with it.

I’m thankful that some of you have started using my e-mail (attached to this blog) to reach out to me and talk through things I’ve written here – please do!  I love getting feedback and hearing what’s going on in your lives as well.  It keeps blogging from being too one-sided.




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