It Begins Again.


I’ve spend the last few Friday mornings during my usual coffee and quiet time really pondering 2014.  While I’m not a new years resolutioner – I do try to make thoughtful goals at the beginning of each year to set the tone for accomplishing the important things as well as keeping the main things the main things.

I’m excited to announce today that again this year one of my goals will be going on a missions trip/traveling to one new country and I now know which one.  I have officially signed up along with several friends, coworkers, and fellow church members to join the organization I’ve worked with the last 2 years to head to the Dominican Republic in May of 2014.

It is a huge honor and probably the most exciting of my 2014 goals (although, I like to think you all will approve of each of them).  I’ve decided to drag on sharing them with you all so I can tell you why I chose them. I do not pick my goals lightly and each of them has a unique reasoning.

I did not grow up in a family that traveled internationally.  But in the past few years I’ve really developed a love and passion for seeing the world and I’m excited to say – I’m not the only Christensen to earn their international wings during that time.  My Mom went on a missions trip to Peru and my Dad did a USO tour to encourage our troops this off season that I think gave him my same travel bug.

For as long as my Lord and my life allow I intend to keep trying to see as much of this globe as I can.  In 2012 I bought a passport and traveled to Haiti to build a church.  2013 took me to Togo in West Africa to build an aquaponics center on a school for the blind.  And in the coming year, 2014, I will venture to the DR to build a dorm for a girls rescue home.

As always your prayers over the next few months as the team and I prepare and save are welcomed and cherished.

2014 promises to be an exciting year.



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