Well I am not the only one enjoying the freshness of a new year. If you’re a regular at the gym you’re probably as annoyed as I am by the new years resolutioners. But hey, we all know most of them will fall off the bandwagon by spring break so hang tough and wait for your favorite machines to be available again – or in my case to regain control of the tv remote… Can I get some bravo yet people?

I am now 2 weeks into working on my 2014 goals. I know goals aren’t that exciting and y’all don’t want all the nitty gritty details of my latest burst of inspiration so I won’t flatter myself. However, I did want to share with you some cool things that have come from them so far.

I shared a few weeks back that one of my goals for this year is so send one card a week either thanking or encouraging some one in my life. I started out this year by thanking a friend who supported me on my first missions trip. I was a little antsy about going and of course about raising money for the first time. A few days later this friend surprised me with an encouraging card and in it almost half the money I needed to go to Haiti.

Note here that I had not asked this friend for any money. In fact, I hadn’t asked anyone yet. But that card and that money served as a reminder that The Lord provides when we are obedient. He used her to speak to and encourage me in a powerful and personal way.

Want to hear a sweet side story? I am now in a relationship with a guy I met on that trip! Two years later after being friends since building that church and finding my love for missions I’m planning my third missions trip in less than 3 years and this time going with that same sweet boy I met on that first adventure out of the country.

My friend as it turns out had no idea how much of an impact that note and check would have on my life. Missions has become a huge part of my life and my walk with The Lord and honestly, I don’t know if it would have without her encouragement. And finally taking the time to send her that card? Well, I hope it encouraged her too.

I hope to be a bit more frequent on here in the days to come. 2014 is full of promise and I am determined to be intentional in all aspects of my life and relationships. Stay tuned.



One thought on “Beginnings.

  1. What a great friend you have! My husband loves to send cards to people. It’s not something that comes naturally to me, but I try to do more of it now that I’ve seen his example. So great that you’re going to do that for a whole year!

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