Perspective is huge. I would make the argument that it is the biggest deal in your 20s. You may disagree but this is my blog and I will write what I want. In your 20s people are all over the board. Literally you could sit down 7 people in their 20s and one might be married, one divorced, one living at home, one single parenting, one unemployed, one a millionaire, and one still in school. I mean it’s like the decade of divides.

Writing these cards every week (go back a few blogs if you’re confused) has really helped my perspective in the sense that it not only reminds me of how many amazing people I have in my life to be grateful for but it has also kept me aware of the people in my life that might need encouragement. I am terrible at taking the time to tell people all the great things I think about them daily.

My second card of the year was a thank your for an amazing single mom in my life who not only inspires me in the way she works hard and is raising godly children but somehow always has time for me. My life is probably a cake walk compared to hers but never a week goes by she doesn’t offer to help me with something. She is remarkable. And lucky me – I get her as a friend!

It reminded me of another friend who decided to pick a one word with me and chose the word ‘enjoy’. She said this year she really wanted to take the time to enjoy her life. It was a great word choice and as I thought about that I realized that whatever your word is we could actually all stand to take a page from this friends book and enjoy our lives more.

The first friend, my sweet single mom, is such an amazing example of this to me. She loves life to the fullest and it’s contagious! Every time I’m near her I feel more excited about life. I want to be that for other people. I want that same magnetic pull that makes everyone else just want to be fired up about something!

As I continue with these cards (I did number three today) I’m so grateful for how they are changing and challenging my perspective. I feel so grateful and so inspired by the people I get to do my every day life with.

If you don’t have people in your life you feel that way about – you need them. Don’t ever be afraid to seek about new friends. I spent a year being purposeful about making new friends who were seeking the same things I am and it changed my life. And while you’re at it – choose people who are enjoying life and enjoy it with them.


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