I prefer to do everything with a group. Whenever I have one of my crazy ideas I recruit as many friends as possible to join me. So last year when I determined I was going to read through the bible in a year – I heavily pushed it on my friends. We started out strong but perhaps I was a terrible leader because none of them finished with me in December.

The good news is they didn’t give up and most of them restarted the journey fresh with me on January 1st. This will be my 6th trip through and hopefully the first complete year for many of them. But this year – we’re functioning like a team.

A few weeks after discussing this with my girls I bought a copy of the one year bible that I use for my then friend, now boyfriend, and he joined the team. It’s nice having someone I actually even sit and read aloud with from time to time.

A few days after that I read a Facebook status from a girl I met only a handful of times I’m college – she was planning to do the bible in a year and wanted someone to hold her accountable. Boom. I shot her a message saying I’d love too and included my phone number and we’ve been texting every day since.

One thing I know to be true about myself is that I am much more likely to succeed when I feel like others are counting on me. So far, having a team of people cheering me on as I work toward my goal has been really encouraging. I haven’t missed a day yet!

Better yet, this 6th time through has been the most enjoyable yet. I look forward every day to my time in the word and into getting the texts from friends with what they’re taking away from it.

Anyone else using the team work approach to reaching their goals this year?


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