January Reading

I have set my reading goal for 2014 at 80 books for the year, again.  This will be my 4th year in a row completing a lofty reading goal and the second year of doing 80, should I complete it.  I don’t want to bombard y’all with book reviews you won’t read anyway but many people do ask me what I’ve been reading lately in an attempt to figure out what they would like to read next so, I thought I would compromise and once a month I will tell you what I read that month with a quick: recommend or not recommend synopsis.  Fair enough?


I started the year off with Jodi Picoult’s The Pact.  I admit, I started and put this one down twice before so I didn’t have high hopes.  In the end I would say it was good not great.  I wouldn’t recommend it however because she has so many books that ranked higher for me.  If you want to read her – start with 19 minutes.


On my flight back from Kentucky to Florida after an extend holiday (due to a blizzard) I finished up this book. I hate to say this again since I just said it about the book before BUT …not his best work.  If you want to read Batterson I recommend: Wild Goose Chase.  That was my absolute favorite of his books.  This one was good but not great.

Don’t worry – my reviews get better.


Couldn’t.stop.laughing.  Having grown up in a conservative Christian home and now working for a church – this was hilariously on point.  Recommend.


Dad gave me this one after the author did an Indianapolis Colts chapel.  I really enjoyed and honestly – more than the book I’m enjoying living the concept.  I shared it with my small group and we’re all living our word for this year.  Recommend.


Couldn’t put this book down.  Go get it.  It’s remarkable.  Read it in less than 24 hours.

Final read of January was:


This book was not what I expected but I really enjoyed it.  My boyfriend teased me a lot about it especially when he’d look over from his homework and see me getting teary but I have to say – I would recommend it.  It tugged at my heart strings and it didn’t have a cheesy ending – two things I enjoy in a book.

Whew, ok.  That’s it for January.  If you’ve been waiting on some book advice from me there is it and now you have to wait til the end of Feb.


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