The ‘last’ project

You may remember if you’ve been following me for a while that I set out to read all the books on my shelves. When you read as much as I do people give you books. Good books, boring books, books they loved, books you’ve already read… You get the idea. I actually do love this. One of my girl friends said for her 30th birthday her friends threw her a party in which everyone who came was to bring a book – it kept her stocked for a few years but she also loved the notes that came on the inside covers. I want that. Hint hint friends – you have a year and a half to plan it!

This week I found a book that my landlord gave me my senior year of college just before I was set to graduate. According to her note in the front of the book that was May of 2008. Since then it’s been buried away on my shelves which despite my diligence to read and purge seem to stay full. It sounds odd I’m sure that my landlord would have bought me a graduation present but that poor landlord and I really went through it together.

My roommate that year was set to be a gal from my work. I was managing a clothing store at the time and she was one of my employees. The week before I was to move in she broke off her engagement and ran away with a guy she met out one night who was also engaged to someone else. I couldn’t even make this stuff up. My landlord and I spent the rest of that year trying to get this girl to make good on her financial commitment to rent, bills, etc and eventually getting it subleased. So during that ordeal we build a friendship.

The book is called ‘the last lecture’ and I know I am super late to the band wagon on this one. It was popular when she gave it to me nearly 6 years ago. A national best seller actually. As I combed my shelves this week for a new educational book to read I thought it was time to see what this book was all about.

A last lecture is a popular challenge amongst college professors. They write a lecture as if they knew they were dying and this was their last chance to say something and leave a legacy behind. The twist to this book is, the man who wrote this book was actually in that situation. He was dying of cancer. He had a wife and three small children and 10 cancerous tumors in his pancreas.

I will give you my opinion on the book in my February reading recap but I had to take the time this morning to say that this has really gott me thinking, in a positive way. We all know that life is fleeting and our time is precious. I am not dying that I am aware of but it’s also not too early to be concerned about the legacy I will leave behind when I do.

One of my biggest decisions last year was to turn down triple the money for triple the time when it comes to my career. I came to that decision by writing out my priorities for my twenties and realizing that while some of them would require money, none of them required being rich. All of them required time.

Last week I booked a trip to take my boyfriend to meet some of my family. If you’ve been on this blog even once you know that next to my faith my family is the most important thing to me. And right now I get the amazing opportunity to invest in my niece and nephew. They are 2 and almost 5 months. They are my best opportunity to leave a legacy right now. They are a top priority.

When I think about a last lecture, I imagine what I would say. If I had one last chance to tell a crowd of 400 what I know about life and what I hope they’ll do with the time they have. I’ve been thinking I might just need to sit and write one in the next few weeks. It seems like the perfect exercise to being intention to this year. To write my last lecture and then live by my own advice. So be watching for that in the coming weeks. I don’t know how long it will take. But when it’s done I hope to share it with you here.


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