How To: Get More Done

This is my intentional year and with that I’ve figured out that I have to be efficient with my time.  I thought perhaps I could get rich by inventing a way to make more hours in your day but it turns out I’m not really that smart.  So, now I’m trying to figure out how to take the 24 I already have and use them wisely.  I’m good at budgeting so I decided to start thinking about my time like money.  I make my money work for me and make a game of stretching it as far as I can.  Why can’t that work for time?

Oh you’re in the same boat? Well, let me give you a little leg up then.  Start by downloading the (free) app: Wunderlist.  This thing rocks.  I’ve sync’d my laptop, phone, and ipad so that I can add to as well as check off my to do list at work, home, or on the go.  You can set reminders, add sub items, or in my case work your little lists into the task (ie: what I need to buy at the grocery).  It’s efficient and it’s killing entirely less trees then my post-it adventure or the time I thought I’d use loose leaf notebook paper because it was cheap and BOGO.  I prefer to add tasks on the computer because I’m a much faster typer with a keyboard but to each his own.  Make lists.  Use the repeating task options because trash days don’t change and electric bills need paid people!  If you’re anything like me – you’ll thrive on being able to check off your accomplishments!

Ok y’all, here’s the part where I make you hate me.  I’m going to say the one thing 99% of you don’t want me to say: maximize your mornings.  I know, it stinks.  My bed feels just as good at 5am as yours does, trust me.  Especially with workouts, 10 hour workdays, errands, cleaning, goals, reading, etc during the day.  BUT here’s what I’ve learned: if you do it first thing, it gets done.  Even if you feel like you’re dragging – you’re actually pretty fresh and efficient in the mornings (sometimes after a few days and a cup of Joe).  No one calls you, needs your, texts you, or interrupts you if you’re up before them.  It’s just true.  I’ve started doing my workouts, my bible reading, and some of my reading for my goals in the mornings and let me just tell you – it gets done.  I don’t wake up all rainbows and sunshine, I promise.  I do, however, feel good the rest of the day knowing it got done!

The 30 minutes of cleaning a day trick is working!  I’ve talked to several people who also decided to give that a whirl after my blogpost and we’re all seeing results.  I tracked my first few days accomplishments and I normally accomplished 10-12 things done per half hour session.  That’s worth a half hour less TV time peeps.

You want to know my fool proof method for getting more done?  Bribe yourself.  Yeah, I said it.  Once a coworker told me she felt bad because she had bribed her son with marsh mellows.  I was like oh girl please, I’m 28 and I still bribe myself (though typically not with food).  It works on kids and puppies and guess what? It will work for you too.  I bribe myself with things like bubble baths with a book if I get my list accomplished.  You should pick what works for you, of course, but the concept remains the same.

I am looking for some time maximizing tips so shoot them my way:


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