I Like Coach

Each story in the book I Like Giving starts with I like and then whatever was given away. I like Nike. I like Disney. I like people. Story after story of people enjoying the opportunities to give.

 Halfway through the book I started thinking – what do I have to give? I support my church financially. I give to missions as I can. But I wanted to do something right then. I do live on a fairly tight budget but I try never to allow that to squash my love of giving or my heart for meeting other’s needs. 

A few days later I knew what I could give. On my last solo trip to Indy my Mom had blessed me with a black leather Coach handbag I loved at my favorite consignment shop (Carmel Consignment in Carmel, IN).  I had been wanting to replace the black coach bag I had bought a few years before with something a bit smaller and I finally found the perfect one. It was in great shape and it was even marked down from the already reasonable consignment price.

After I returned home in an effort to keep with my ‘bring something in, take something out’ rule for my closet I had pulled my former black coach bag (still in great shape) out of my closet to find a new home. I had planned to sell it and recoup some money that could be used for something else – most likely towards my upcoming missions trip to the Dominican Republic.

 Two days into reading I Like Giving I was at work when a friend of mine mentioned it was time to retire her favorite handbag. She had worn it slam out and she needed to toss it (it was beyond even good-willing). As I drove home that day I thought – thats it. I can give her my black coach bag.

 I know it sounds weird to give someone something used but she’s a close friend and I knew she’d appreciate it. The next morning I brought her the oversized black tote bag I was retiring to replace her favorite handbag that finally gave out. She was thrilled! The bag which was now too big for me since I don’t tote textbooks anymore – was the perfect size for a single mom with two elementary aged boys!

 My mom gave to me and it gave me the opportunity to give to someone else. I’d love to give away new cars like Oprah but the book reminded me it’s not about the money – it’s about living a life that fosters generosity! I sat at my desk with a huge grin on my face that morning.

 You want to hear the kicker? My one hang up in giving away that bag was that I could have used the money for my missions trip. Less than a week after giving my bag away – someone donated to my trip almost the full amount I still owed.

 Because of someone’s gift, I was blessed.  Because of her generosity I was able to give and bless someone else (which also blessed me). I gave with no expectation of a return but a few days later I was blessed again with funds I really needed for my missions trip.

 I like coach. And I like giving.


One thought on “I Like Coach

  1. That’s awesome! I love the feeling of giving away something to someone when it is unexpected, especially if it is a nice and generous gift like this. I bought my Mom her first ever Coach bag earlier this year and she was over the moon. It makes me smile to think of her bragging about it everywhere she goes. 🙂

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