February Reading

Another month, another handful of books.  Each year is different and while some I’ve found my goals too lofty, others I find them too easy.  It’s always a toss up.  January was a particularly busy month for me but February slowed down a smidgen and as I’d hoped, allowed for my reading time to be a bit less scheduled.

the last lecture

I shared a post recently inspired by this book.  But now I want to say – read it.  Just do it.  It’s insightful, funny, inspiring, honest, and incredibly interesting.  You’ll thank me.

The Breakdown Lane.300x300

This book was popular on many of the sites I read for book ideas but I thought it was ‘blah’.  I wouldn’t recommend it, it’s time I can’t get back.  Oh well.


I feel a little weird saying I loved this book because of the tragic nature of Elizabeth’s story.  But her resilient spirit and amazing faith (thought different from my own in some ways) really was inspiring and heartwarming.  Am I allowed to say I’m proud of her?  Read the book.


I was really disappointed in this one. Loved the first 2 books.  This was the 3rd in the series and a total disappointment both in content and writing style.  Don’t read.


Elin Hilderbrand has quickly become one of my favorite authors.  Since I’ve been reading Jodi Picoults books faster than she can write them the last few years I’ve become obsessed with Elin and with Anita Shreve. This book however was not one of my favorites.  Worth reading but not awesome – I’ve recommended some other titles of hers before (or check my goodreads).



Read my review from 2 days ago.  But yes, buy it.  Read it. Live it.


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