Restless Begins Here

Restless.  We’ve all felt it.  We felt it as we neared the end of high school.  We felt it again in our senior year of college.  And now, as adults, we feel it towards the end or beginning of each new season.  Even when we settle into a job, a relationship, or a season we can feel restless for what’s next or missing.  Today I’m inviting you to journey with me.  I’ve been sent an incredible kit, a bible study by Jennie Allen and tomorrow I start a study with 3 girls I’m doing life with to figure out why we’re restless and what we’re made for.

Before we begin I want to share openly, honestly the season of life I’m in…

I am twenty-eight years old.  I work as a ministry assistant in my church home of nearly six years.  I live in my favorite city, Tampa, Florida – a place I so desperately missed when I was away.  I’m almost three months into a relationship with a fantastic man, Casey, I met on a missions trip to Haiti 2 years ago.  I’m a homeowner.  A sister to two sisters and two brothers-in-law.  I am ‘aunt b’ to a Noa and Titus.  I am a friend to many, a leader to few, and even a mentor. I’m a diligent reader, a wanna-be writer, and on occasion a semi-successful crafter.  My Mom once told me I missed my calling to be a maid – so that should tell you a little about how OCD I am.

So what do I have to be restless about?  Great question.  I am wired to wonder what’s next.  I come by it honest, my Dad is even more of a planner than I.  When we get 5 minutes alone in a car he’s always asking me what my 5 year plan is or where my career is headed.  Now, as an adult, I am always asking myself these same questions.  I love my life, my job, and this season.  I am content but I am never satisfied to coast.  I know that someday I will want to be more than an assistant.  I know that someday I want to be a wife.  One day I want to write a book, not just a blog.  Those are just scratching the surfaces of my desires.

Right now I want to see the world.  I want to get my hands dirty serving in other countries.  I want to be there to encourage my niece and nephew as they grow.  I want to be a loyal, dedicated friend.  I want to be the best possible girlfriend.  I want to learn, grow, explore, and create change in the world.

You don’t get passion like mine without some restlessness.  What’s next?  What could I be doing better? How do I get to where I want to ultimately go?  There are always dreams and ideas swirling in my head and I keep asking myself where am I headed and how do I prepare?

So for me, the journey through restless is to find what the Lord has for me, big picture.  Who am I called to be?  What is my life supposed to look like?  And as the book asks, ‘What is my unique purpose?’ because I am ready to start living it!

My commitment with you is to wrestle, to learn, to grow and to be an open book with you here as I go.  Come along on the journey with me – it’s going to be a great 10 weeks.


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