The Mundane

I supposed I owe it to social media that people think my life is fun and glamorous all the time.  This is laughable if you know me on a more personal level since I assure you many of my days are plenty mundane. I make an effort to talk about and show that as well (did you catch my ‘gram of cleaning at 6am?).  That’s not to say my life hasn’t been a pretty fabulous adventure from Hawaii to Super Bowls to home ownership and missions trips.  But I’ve been thinking lately about how to live the mundane well.

I recently read this article in Relevant Magazine, ‘9 Questions to Ask When Your Relationship Starts Getting Serious’.  Casey and I had to laugh when we reached number eight which asks, ‘Do we enjoy doing the mundane together?’  Well, if we’re in the honest box here Casey and I have had a lot of mundane in our couple months of dating.  By that I mean we’ve had plenty of weekends of homework (for him), replacing garbage disposals, cleaning, cooking, company, and fine I’ll say it ‘getting crap done’.  Were not 20 and living the college life of hanging out having fun every night – we have real life responsibilities that existed before each other and you guessed it, exist now that we’re together too.

As I was doing my bible study homework this week the author asked, ‘how do we glorify God in the mundane?’  What a fitting question for my phase of life.  I am living in the delicate balance between responsibility and ‘do this while you can because it will never get easier’.  My life is taken up with work, chores, cleaning and remembering to take out the trash and check the mail at least once a week, while spending quality time with my boy and friends, trying to see my family at least once every couple months, and remembering the lunches I pack so I can stick with my budget.  Mundane is what I do best, apparently.

So as I was writing my way through my homework I was pondering how to glorify God in this phase of life and here’s what I’ve come up with:

– Give him my time.  I never allow the busyness of the everyday to keep me from my time with him.  He gets the first of everyday.  I spend it in his word and in prayer.  He gets the first part of my day so that no matter what happens during the day – I don’t miss that.

– I’m facilitating two bible studies where I get to grow in my relationship while providing an environment for other women to know, love, and serve him as well.  I think the bible is clear that when we serve people even in mundane ways like cooking them dinner and clearing the weekend’s laundry off the couch so they have a place to sit counts for something.

– Serving.  Thanks to Casey’s encouragement (ok and my crush on him leading up to us dating) I’ve been serving the homeless at our soup kitchen for a couple months now and I love it.  I love the people I’ve met and I’m serving with and I love feeding the hungry.  It always reminds me of how the Lord says when we feed the hungry we are feeding Him.  Truly I love that our relationship has included serving together from the beginning – our first date was to the Soup Kitchen before a movie.

– Stewarding His resources well.  This is my time, my talents, and my treasure (which basically just means my awesome swimming pool…and maybe my coffee bar…and lending out the occasional awesome pair of stilettos).  Real talk though – I believe that by taking care of what he gives us and using it for others he’s honored.

So ironically – maybe honoring God in the mundane is well – kind of simple and mundane itself.  Maybe it can be as simple as giving people a free place to crash when they need a vacation or a ride to the airport.  Maybe it’s encouraging others with our words and actions.  Some weeks it’s praying for and with those in a difficult season.  What does it look like to live the mundane well for you?



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