Friendship has been a central focal point of my blogging since I started five or six years ago.  I’ve always thought that your twenties are a time in your life where friendship is crucial but the older I get, and sadly, the closer to 30 I become the more I think it has nothing to do with age.  This past weekend I had my sweet friend Ashley in town for four glorious days of sunshine and fellowship.  Saturday night I brought her with my to church where I both work and attend so that she could check it out and of course meet my man and wouldn’t you know the sermon this week was on friends.

I hope I get bonus points for bringing mine of over 12 years now to service with me. I still remember the first day Ash and I met.  I worked in a clothing store with her Mom and she popped in one day to visit.  I remember instantly loving her warm, bubbly personality.  I had no idea then we would still be friends all these years and miles later.

I’ve shared before that friendship was something I craved desperately in my time in Indiana and admittedly all of my remaining friendships from that time have thrived since I moved away (and lets be real – grew up!).  But Tampa has truly been a goldmine for friendships.  I am so blessed by the people God has put in my life down here and the ones who have remained and gone the extra mile to stay good friends from afar.

One of the verses that Ashley and I both wrote down from this week’s sermon notes was this:

‘If one person falls, the other can reach out and help.  But someone who falls alone is in real trouble’ – Ecclesiastes 4:10

This verse speaks so directly to my heart.  In all of my hard times these past few years I have been helped through them by friends.  Even last week when I had one of those days that just kicks you when you’re down I immediately turned to my friends who prayed for me and spoke truth to me.

I am now in a season of being a good friend – with many of my friends in hard times.  Divorces, breakups, family deaths, and health problems have struck several of the people I love and it is my turn to walk through this season with them on my knees in prayer and speaking truth.  This weekend was a great reminder to me why friendship is important and how it will continue to be so for the rest of our days.  We weren’t meant to do it alone.

We truly are better together.




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