This monday night I finally fulfilled a nudge the Lord has had on my heart for months – I taught.  Our women’s ministry at church graciously allowed me to take the podium for a night and teach our amazing women about our word & the word.  It was an incredible experience.

I was in the leaders meeting as I prepared to speak and each leader prayed over me.  Then I was listening in as they had their announcements and one was inquiring about leaders for summer groups.  One leader, who I adore, spoke up and said ‘I’ve been leading for a year straight and I’m going to take this summer to receive and refresh before I lead again in the fall’.  Knowing her as I do I shouldn’t have been surprised by her infinite wisdom but that really stuck with me.  It’s important for us to rest and to receive.

One of my points on my outline was about knowing the word (the bible).  When I prayed to open the night my prayer was that I would lead the charge in putting into practice the points I was teaching.  So Wednesday rolled around and I found myself driving up to Plant City to study the word with a friend and his small group.  None of these people attend my church.  I am not the leader of this group (I lead one and facilitate another currently).  I went to receive, to study, and to know the word.

I’ll admit – Monday was an endlessly long day, which made me tired and sluggish on Tuesday.  I had a terrible migraine (the kind that makes you want to vomit, sleep, and stab yourself in the head to let some pressure out all at once).  I had thought about 100 times about not going.  But I was determined to go – I’d been looking forward to it for days.  So I went.  Man was I glad I did.

We studied James 3 together.  I love James and having just given a talk about words, it was timely.  I know the Lord is working on me thoroughly where this is concerned.  More than that it was refreshing to be there to receive.  It really drilled home for me the importance of giving ourselves opportunities to receive.  So that’s my encouragement to you this week – create space and seize opportunities to receive and get a refill on your cup.


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