This post is for anyone, who like me, finds themselves loving someone who makes it difficult. I was recently in a place of feeling like I wanted to give up on a friend who has been extremely tough to love. This friend isn’t the first I’ve felt this way about and I’m sure will also not be the last. As I was reaching my wits end I rolled into my Thursday lunch break group and flopped into my seat. I started the DVD and there was Jennie Allen’s sweet voice saying to me, ‘fight for your people’.

Fight for your people.

I wanted to tweet her and say, ‘just so we’re clear you don’t know my situation and I deserve to walk away from this. I don’t need this crap’. But I didn’t. As I headed home that night I knew that message was for me. I am in a season where being loving to some of the people God has so clearly put in my life with a purpose is just plain hard sometimes. Once more, I may ‘need this crap’ but I don’t want it.

Anyone else ever feel that way? I mean, come on, sometimes I get sick of doing the hard thing or being the bigger person. Sometimes what I really want to do is tell them exactly what I think of them and then as my friend Dani would say ‘drop the mic and walk away’.

A few days later I would find myself saying to one friend of another, ‘you know, I have enough friends, I could really do without this one’. No matter how hard I tried to convince myself though, I know that Jennie was right – we have to fight for our people.

I do think in certain seasons this means fighting from afar. We can’t always be closely involved in someone’s life especially if it puts us in danger or at risk but we can fight for our people in prayer during these times. My bible reading this morning said, ‘He delights in the prayers of the upright’ (proverbs 15:8) and that leapt off the page at me having just committed this week to be praying daily for this friend.

I’ve likely completely shattered my nice persona for the few of you reading this blog who haven’t already figured out I’m about twice as human as the rest of you. I couldn’t help sharing with you all this morning this struggle of mine and the idea of fighting for our people. They’re worth it. And at the end of the day I know that a season will come when I need my people to fight for me too and I hope they’ll do it, even when they don’t need my crap either.

If you’re loving someone in a tough place remember this: ‘the earnest prayer of a righteous person has great power and produces wonderful results’ – James 5:16


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