Communion on the Couch

This has not been a good week.

In fact, this has been one of those weeks where each day is a debate between crying or punching someone (usually one particular person but not always). Anyone else have those? Where you felt like you were at your wits end only to realize its Monday at 10am and there’s a lot of week left. I digress.

That’s the kind of week I’ve had.

So that may explain that by tonight (Wednesday) I was taking communion on my couch. Yes, that’s actually a thing around here. See, at our last staff meeting our pastor encouraged us to take communion during our quiet times regularly so that beforehand we really deal with our ‘stuff’ before The Lord.

I took a few communion cups (with a wafer already in the packaging) home and until this week I hadn’t really thought about them twice. But oh baby, by tonight I knew it was time. I plopped down on my red velvet couch with my bible and I read an extra days worth of my one year bible and then I let it allllll out in prayer.

Since God already knew how no good, very bad this week has been I didn’t hold back. And I told him exactly who I’d had it up to here with and who had hurt my feelings and who might need a few lightning bolts if he was up for target practice…

And then I forgave them.

Because the amazing thing about communion is that it humbles you. That it takes the wind out of prides sail by reminding me how desperately I needed that broken body and that blood to wash me clean of my own stuff. And there has been some stuff.

I forgave out of that completely undeserved forgiveness that I receive and then I took communion. So here I sit peacefully on that same red velvet couch with an empty plastic cup and a newly found calm.

Now, let’s hope that laid this bad week to rest.


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