Succulents and Tea Lights

Ok so I know I’m late to the succulent obsession but I really wanted to incorporate some on my dining room table.  I’ve been looking for decor for my table that doesn’t get in the way when you want to have a conversation.  So excuse my mess (this was a big spring cleaning weekend) but these are this weekend’s bargain finds and I am pretty pleased with them.



20140520-084408.jpgIf you have the urge to copycat then here’s a few helpful hints:

– The best place I found for succulents in good looking pots (v. clear which gets smudgy and doesn’t look as real) was Stein Mart.  They were reasonably priced (for whatever reason fake plants are really expensive normally – who knew?)

– I found a great selection of votive holders at Tuesday Morning.  If you’ve never been there they have unique, fun things and their prices are amazing.  I got my votive holders for 2 dollars each.



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