The End

This morning I finished a journal I received as a Christmas gift.  I was encouraged by receiving it to get back into the habit of writing regularly.  Not always about my day – more thoughts, ideas, dreams, and concepts.  And this morning I finished it and with it a chapter of my story.  I have made some big decisions and changes these past few weeks and with that journal – I laid the old things to rest.  They are archived on my shelf in my living room now.

I took the time as I finished to read back through what I’ve been writing and with it be grateful for what this chapter has taught me, how it has grown me, and who it has pushed me to be.  With that, I have begun a new notebook and I started by writing about what I want out of the next six months.  I wrote specifically and I am entering this new chapter with great excitement and anticipation.

How fitting it is that I begin this new chapter with a week in the Dominican Republic.  I’m excited for the time away, undistracted, to hear from the Lord.


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