But I Thought Love Never Failed?

Most of my life I have loved the end of the ‘love chapter’. Everyone else dwells on the earlier parts: love is patient, love is kind… But if you keep reading you find my favorite part at the end, love ever fails.

Over the years I have reminded myself of this time and again. Anyone else have days when what you’re really thinking is, ‘but I thought love never failed?’ I do. Sometime it feels like loving people is a hot mess or maybe just that I am.

When those times come I go back to the same story in my mind. I had a friend in college who was just plain wild. I spent many a night trying to keep him out of trouble. If you lived beside me you probably saw me trek out to my car in my pajamas to go retrieve him and get him safely home. But gosh did I love that boy and his friendship.

I’m not sure if you’d asked me 3 years ago if I would have said that love did much good (other than maybe keeping him alive and out of jail) but if you ask me today I can tell you with confidence that the love of God and his people sure didn’t fail. I’ve been out of college 6 years now and I’m not sure I know anyone as on fire for The Lord and as passionate to get people saved as that same friend.  Now, I watch amazed as he shapes lives and wins people for the kingdom and I can’t help but grin.

It’s true, love never fails.  Even in seasons where things are a mess and you think maybe this might be the one exception – in time I always return to believing that love never fails.


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