I can’t tell you how excited I was when my Thursday lunch time girls agreed to keep meeting after we finished our study. As we neared the end of restless I was feeling like I might be lost without them, especially in a season of life currently full of challenges.

We started a new study put out by Crossroads Career and week one challenged us to invest one hour in ourselves each day. This was a pretty foreign idea to me. I’m good at investing in my family, in other people, in ministry, and even in my retirement but myself? I honestly hadn’t even thought about that.

So week one we all commit to give it a try. We determine we’ll all wake up at 5:30 in the morning and spend one hour investing. I was in charge of the wake-up calls. I decided I would spent my hour in my bible, praying, reading, and writing. I haven’t published any of my writings from this time yet but I have definitely been writing this past week and a half.

Week one ended and we met over lunch only to find out each of us was amazed at the results of this one hour a day. We felt more productive. We felt balanced. We felt valued, even if somedays only by ourselves. And we felt more connected to each other as we shared in the journey. So we agreed to another week and a new set of goals.

I’m passing on the challenge to each of you because the results of this investment have been immeasurable in my own life. As mentioned this season of my life has required a lot of me and this time invested in myself has allowed me to feel prepared for each new day. It has given me peace, encouraged me, and strengthened my resolve to make the most of each day.

As a part of investing in myself (and the workbook includes having a budget to do this investing) I bought a few new books and I signed up for 10 weeks with a consultant to begin to discover what my purpose in my life and my long term career is. I started on Thursday and when he asked me why I was there I said, ‘I’m here for me. Because I want to be. I’m here to invest in myself so I can be the best possible sibling, daughter, friend, coworker, leader, etc’. My answer thrilled him. He encouraged me that here really wasn’t a better reason to be there and that investing in ourselves is a concept few get at my age.

I don’t want to end this blogpost without telling you that this is not in any way my way of encouraging myself or you to be self absorbed. I give myself an hour a day but then I dedicate the next 12 or so to other things and people. I have spent more time in the last week then in years before it investing in relationships because I no longer feel too exhausted or overwhelmed to handle them. The time I’ve invested in myself has given me the energy and excitement to invest in others thoughtfully and intentionally.

Give me one week. Try it and shoot me an e-mail at the end of your week telling me how you invested your one hour and about your results.


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