Why I’m Not Scared of 30

I’m 28. This coming fall I will turn 29 and face my final year of my 20s before the big 3-0. For some reason 30 has this crazy stigma and so I’ve already been considering how I feel about leaving behind my 20s and breaking into the 30s.

A few dating relationships ago I was trying to pump up my then-boyfriend about a milestone birthday and he wasn’t having it. I finally said, you know, I think people only fear or dread getting older if they’re not where they thought they would be by that age. People hate to feel ‘behind’ is my theory.

Said boyfriend stared at me for a moment before confessing that was exactly why he was dreading this birthday. He felt like his life was nowhere near where he expected himself to be by that age. And so, he wished time would stand still and give him the chance to catch up.

I let him wallow on his unhappiness about his birthday and I quit trying to be the pep squad. But for weeks afterwards I would keep going back to those thoughts. Was I afraid of getting older? I soon changed my blog title which had been boasting in John Mayer lyrics that I was scared of getting older because I was so very good at being young. As it turns out, I’m not scared of getting older at all (and some might argue not that great at being young either).

But here’s the truth as best I know it: my greatest successes in my 20s have come with boldness, not out of fear. Graduating college, moving across the country, buying a home, dating, traveling, third world countries, and even finances have required some boldness. So how do I know they’re successes? Well, I’m still standing. More than that, I like 28 year old Becca better than 25 year old Becca and way better than 21 year old Becca (she was a fool).

Surviving and thriving and turning out a little better for the process is a win in my book. I have in no way ‘arrived’ but every year gets better and I’d make the argument so do I. I’m healthier, happier, and even a little wealthier than I have been any other year of my 20s so why can’t the next decade be more of the same?

I have one year and 2 months before the big 3-0. I plan to make the most of them. But when that big birthday rolls around you can bet I’ll be willing to celebrate.  Once more, I’ll be ready to make the thirties the new twenties.  Bigger, bolder, farther, wider, and happier.

Bring. it. on.


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