Pinterest Made Me Do It – #3


Ok I wasn’t late in accomplishing week three but I am a little tardy in getting it posted. In my defense I have been sick for nearly 2 weeks now and just can’t seem to totally bounce back! So, forgive me loves. The experimenting has continued and now I will be working on getting them posted for you.

I have the best neighbors in the world and I love when I get the opportunity to spend time with them. This was the second year in a row I’ve been able to spend some of my Fourth of July with them and my second year of being in charge on a festive dessert. Last year I made a four tier striped cake with a flag in the top but this year I had a little less time (and energy) having just returned to town the night before and welcoming a friend to town for the weekend that same day!

So I got on Pinterest and found this shortbread cookie cake with homemade cream cheese frosting and build a flag of fruit. The cake was a big hit but if I’m being honest, I thought the cookie cake was a tad dry. Maybe under cook it a smidge if you’re going to try it.

Here how to make your own or you can find it on my board: pinned that, done that on Pinterest.


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