Pinterest Made Me Do It – #4 (Monster Cookies)

Remember that time I offered to do all the baking for a 40 person dessert night? Well, that wasn’t my wisest move but in the process I got to try a new Pinterest recipe for Monster Cookies.  My mom has been making these for months but she’s out of town so I decided to find it on Pinterest instead of trying to track down her recipe.  Of course, there it was (I’d already pinned it).

Monster-Cookies-11(image from

These are amazing.  I’m not even a ‘cookie person’ (give me a brownie, I’m all yours) but these are to die for and my whole office must have agreed since I brought my second batch in today and they were gone by 10am.  They had me at peanut butter, chocolate, and oats in the same cookie.  Oh, and they’re gluten free!  I’m not gfree but if you’re anything like me you probably have a few gfree-ers in your social circle so this is a win for entertaining!

They’re easy to make and I would argue even better if you throw a few extra toppings in (I used toffee and sprinkles in this second batch and I thought it made them even better).  Just don’t overcook them.  A little under cooked is better than overcooked when it comes to cookies.  

Want to try?  You can find the recipe on my board ‘Pinned that Done that’ on

Or click here.

Anything y’all are hoping I’ll tackle this summer while Pinterest is making me do it (first)?



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