Keeping Up with B

Oh hey, welcome back.  Or perhaps you should be saying that to me after a nearly 2 week hiatus from posting I guess it’s time you and I sat down for coffee and a little chat, huh?  I’ve got mine – so grab yours and let’s talk.

It’s 7:41 on a Monday night and I’m sitting on my red velvet couch thinking about how quiet my sweet little batchelorette pad is feeling in the absence of family. I had a condo full for the past 5 days with my niece Noa, my nephew Titus, and my sister Rachel – with my brother-in-law Chris (or Bresford as I call him) joining us for the last 36 hours or so.

I’m not sure this condo has ever see action like that but man did we have a great time.  It was a tearful goodbye in the driveway as I waved goodbye this afternoon after a weekend filled with good food, catching up, pool days (with my niece jumping off the side of the pool over and over as we cheered her on), the children’s museum, seeing friends, showing them off to friends and coworkers alike, and going hard ’til nap-time when we crashed on the couch to relax and missed those crazy kids while they slept.

Noa is 2.5 going on 12 I think sometimes.  This morning she was carrying a phone announcing to all who would listen that she was texting her ‘paws’ (my Dad) at camp (training camp).  Texting? Really?  Stop growing up, kid.  This weekend unprompted she started saying to me ‘Thank you Noa’s B’ and my heart swelled so big I’m not sure how it didn’t burst from my chest.  I’m pretty happy being hers.

The older I get the more I cherish every second I get with this amazing family I have.  Man am I lucky – the luckiest girl in the world.

So what else is new?  Well…

I just got two new dates to speak (gulp) for our women’s ministry bible study in the fall.  My head is already swimming with teaching ideas on my topics.  

Opportunities to review books here on the blog are coming in fast and I guess I better do a little better job with my reading if I’m going to keep up, hmm?

I have taken a sudden liking to couponing and now every shopping trip is a game.  As you may know – we Christensen’s like to win.  I try not to be ‘that girl’ who obsessively posts her couponing loot and victories but I admit I’m tempted from time to time (read: everyday).  Mostly I try to be content with stock piling (hoarding) my free look on every shelf and cabinet and making goody baskets for friends and loved ones.  Oh and trying to keep our church food pantry full of pasta and cereal.  So if you come to my house and you leave with a random tube of toothpaste – don’t be surprised!

I have finished 46 books for the year – still leaving me 2 behind schedule to finish 80 this year but I’m confident I’ll get caught up.  I am loving this trip through the bible more than the 4-5 before it.  I am more in love with the word every day.

I KNOW you want to hear about my dating life but how about we make a deal – I will tell you any hilariously horrific dating stories from dates with guys who do not follow me on social media AND I will tell you when there’s someone who makes it any great length of time and I think may be around for a while.  Deal? Deal.

Consulting is going amazingly and when we had to cancel this week I was really sad.  Each week I’m learning more and more about myself, how to utilize my strengths, and how to account for my weakness (not make excuses – ever!).  It’s been life-changing. I recently even hijacked my appointment to talk about dating and how to choose the right guy – now THAT was an interesting session.

My small group came to the end of our Crossroads Career study and we were pretty sad to have it end.  But I’m looking forward to the group staying together and continuing on.  I can’t imagine how I got by before those girls and our 5:30am wakeup calls, goal setting, shared to do lists, and insanely encouraging sense of community.  I am blessed.

It turns out I missed my calling to be the host of Clean Sweep but I’m making the most of it by continuing to purge my friends junk.  This week will be my second friend’s house this month that is getting dominated by my OCD clean out and organize overhaul.  So far, my friends still like me – isn’t that amazing?

Well, there’s more to be said but it will have to wait.  I have floors to be mopped and work to return to in the morning.  I hope (but don’t promise) to have a better presence on this blog starting now.


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