Book Review and Giveaway


Happy Fall!

I know that I have been particularly absent so far in September but I am unapologetic because I have spent the better part of this month traveling and as I’ve shared before traveling is my absolute favorite way to spend my time.  However, it’s good to be back and I’m excited to have a book to giveaway to you this week!

Many of you who read are in similar phases of life to me which means either you or someone you know may be planning a wedding!  If your feed is blowing up with engagements and your Pinterest is full of wedding planners – this may be the giveaway for you (or your friend).  The average wedding today costs an average that exceeds $25,000.  Each wedding you attend seems more detailed and extravagant than the one before it.  With wedding shows about dress buying and Pinterest boards full of ideas for the perfect ‘big day’ – you can easily become overwhelmed and lose sight of what’s really important.

Mother and daughter co-authors Catherine Parks and Linda Strode wrote ‘A Christ-Centered Wedding: Rejoicing in the Gospel on Your Big Day’ after seeing how something they love, weddings, have gotten completely off track!  Full of practical, real-world advice on what follows the proposal – they will walk you through the essential elements of a wedding and a life together.  From premarital counseling, wedding showers, conflict resolution, financial advice, and writing vows to how to using your big day as a chance to show others Christ’s love and share the gospel.

This book will help you or the bride-to-be in your life with the planning process as well as keeping the right focus and mindset as they thoughtfully plan out a wedding and a future.  As a former event planner I loved the practical advice on registries, rehearsal dinners, and order of ceremonies!  I think any bride-to-be could gain wisdom and insight from the practical side.  Also, as a believer I loved the way they sweetly and biblically challenged women to keep Christ as the center of their lives, weddings, and future marriages.

So, I’m ready to give a copy away!  The only requirement to qualify is that you comment below with who (you, a sister, a friend, etc) needs a copy of this book and an e-mail address you can be reached at.  Please also feel free to share this giveaway with others who may want to enter via e-mail or social media.  You have until Friday at 5:00PM (EST) at which time I will shut down entries and pick a winner.

Good luck with the giveaway!

(please note this book was give to me to my own reading enjoyment as well as a giveaway copy by Shelton Interactive – but all thoughts and opinions voiced on this blog are my own)


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