Brave of Heart

Yesterday I wrote to you of dreaming. I shared with you my desire to begin to dream again and my pursuit of my first realization of a dream. The truth is that while each of us should be dreaming and can be realizing some (or all) of those dreams – to do so, we have to be brave.

Tomorrow is my second sit down with my dream journal. It will officially be one month since my dream journal began and since I started chasing my first dream, to travel Europe.

This week I received a book in the mail be Annie Downs, a fellow blogger from Nashville, Tennessee who is living my dream of someday being an author titled, ‘Let’s All Be Brave’.  I immediately liked her because she writes like a blogger – conversationally and using life/stories to illustrate her points.

You may have preciously picked up on the fact that I don’t like to do anything alone. When I wanted to lose weight I made a contest at work. I like the NFL so I created an office pick em. When I go on missions trips I try to take the same crew from one of my previous trips. I like the safety and fellowship in numbers. Downs seems to have this same approach as she uses this book as a call to bravery for all.

I loved following her journey as The Lord took her from her hometown in Georgia to live and pursue dreams in Nashville. She even left the country to live on the mission field for a while before being called back to the states. Truly a kindred spirit, Downs is funny, sincere, and inspiring.

If my challenge yesterday to return to dreaming spoke to heart this might be the perfect follow up because pursing your purpose and living your dreams requires that we be brave. So let’s be just that, together. Let’s accept the challenge. Let’s find our Nashvilles. Let’s ’embrace the god-given courage that lives inside of us’.

Lets teach our hearts to be brave.

(Please note this book was given to me for review by Shelton Interactive but all thoughts expressed on this blog belong to me)







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