Dream Journal – October

To say that past month as flown by would be an incredible understatement.  I began my Dream Journal I previously shared about on September 5th.  I promptly departed for a 5 day birthday weekend in Indianapolis full of shopping, family, friends, and football.  Flew back on a Tuesday and drove straight to training for my new role at work in Orlando.  Back to work Wednesday.  Left again Saturday for a girls weekend road trip to Jacksonville with more friends, family, and football.  And so, September flew by in a frenzy of fun.  But I had set my wunderlist to remind me on Oct 5th it was time to revisit the dream journal.

So this week I sat down with my dream journal took a deep breath and reread what I had written a month before.  Then I read what where I had challenged myself to start.  And as I wrote my second entry I was a little surprised with the outcome of my first month.

One of my list items I had wanted to achieve was going back to school to acquire my MBA.  But the truth is, after finally going to an info sessions and getting the full scoop as well as analyzing the financial side of it – I’m taking it off the list.  Not because it seems too hard to too out of reach, in fact, it was more attainable that I had expected both academically and financially.  I took in all the facts and I thought and I’m continuing to pray but truth be told I just don’t feel that burning desire anymore.  So I’m letting that one go.  It’s amazingly how big we make things in our head when in fact they could be quite simple.  It took me 6 years to attend that info session and a week later I knew the answer was ‘no’, at least for now.

I don’t believe in taking the never approach to life.  10 years from now I may have infinite time and wisdom available to pursue this and I may want it again.  Right now, though, it just doesn’t rank high enough to receive the resources and time it would take.  As it turns out, I don’t want it as bad as I once thought.  So it’s off the list until further notice.

That may not sound like successful progress – but to me, it is.  When I set goals I always go back through and cross a few off.  I only have so much time, energy, and resources and I want them to go to the best possible places.  Sometimes that means ‘not now’ to others.  That’s healthy.  That’s necessary.  If you make lengthy lists of goals you will likely get discouraged long before you achieve them all.  Stay focused on a few and when you achieve them, make new ones.  We all need the encouragement of succeeding to keep us motivated.

So what remains?

Owning my house outright.  Many of you know that owning a home was a really big dream of mine.  I lived in tons of different houses growing up because my family was always moving.  Every year or two until I was in middle school and high school and things seemed to slow a bit.  Then I went to college and lived in 4 more.  Then moved to Florida.  And finally after a year and a half of renting here, I bought my first home.  It was a dream of mine though my reasoning may sound a little dark – I just didn’t want to feel like anyone could tell me I had to move again.

While the Lord graciously allowed that dream to come true, I don’t feel that way anymore.  I know that someday I will probably move again whether to a bigger house when I’m no longer a party of one or to another state if the right timing and opportunities present themselves down the road.  And I’m ok with that.  In the meantime, it’s my dream to pay this place off.  I want it to be wholly mine and then it will be up to me whether I keep and rent it or sell it and put the money towards the next one.  This month I got a plan for getting this place paid off in a timely manner. I have a dream age in mind for when I want it done (and it’s probably surprisingly young compared to most).

Travel in Europe.  This month I began saving to travel in Europe. I haven’t really nailed that down anymore specifically as to what I want to see and with whom.  But slowly and steadily I’m putting money in the fund.  I’m going to do it.

Write a book.  This probably requires no explanation but it has always been a dream of mine to write a book and I’m going to do it (whether or not anyone actually buys and reads said book).

Adopt a child.  It has been a lifelong dream of mine to adopt.  Many of you know that my Dad was adopted into an amazing Christian family at birth when his teenage birth mother bravely gave him life and a loving family to raise him.  I want to be that loving, Christian family to a child in need someday.  It has been a dream since my childhood of mine to adopt within the US.  Foreign adoptions that really spiked these past few years, which I love, but there are also so many children here in the states without homes.  My heart is for them.  Lord willing, I’m going to give one a home someday.

So from October to November I’m focusing on saving for Europe and paying off my house.  And doing some soul searching as to what other dreams might need to make the list.


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