2015 Beginnings

Girl reads a cookbook


As I mentioned in my most recent post about finding balance, I’ve begun my fall task of planning for the next year.  Fine, fine I should say here that you shouldn’t feel bad if you’re not working on your plans for next year yet – I love to plan.  This is ‘my time to shine’ as my neighbor would say.  Planning and goals is my sweet spot.  I love goals like most people love puppies (oh wait, and I don’t actually love puppies, which is probably weird).

Since I’m really excited about a the first goal to make my 2015 list AND I could use a few suggestions I wanted to go ahead and share that I have decided in 2015 I will be cooking my way through an entire cookbook.  That’s right people: every single recipe.  I honestly wish I could remember where I got this idea because it sadly wasn’t my own genius (if you mentioned it to me, whoever you are, thank you!).  I am stoked about the idea though.  It will give me a great excuse to cook more, entertain, feed people, and eat out less.  Also I assume it will make me try some things I wouldn’t normally (Lord help me if I have to eat mushrooms).

So, I’m taking suggestions as to a semi-heathy but still delicious cookbook to work through.  Someone did already suggest I pick a baking one but I do not think I need to make that many sweets in a year and that seems like kind of a waste of ingredients since I can’t eat baked goods as meals for weeks on end. Or at least, I shouldn’t.

Also, still accepting additional suggestions for 2015 goals.


3 thoughts on “2015 Beginnings

  1. Great idea! Maybe from the movie Julie & Julia about Julia Child. Check out the cook yourself skinny books or something of that nature, real food and healthy!

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