Small Things with Great Results p2

In honor of yesterday’s post about how the little changes can make for big results, I thought I would come back and share with you outfit ideas from my Pinterest board for a ‘put together’ look that could be made potentially from things you already have in your closet.  I’m fortunate to work at a place where we are allowed to wear jeans daily, which cuts back on my clothing expenses drastically but also makes putting together outfits easy.  But I’m including outfits that would work for more structured work environments as well.



Black pants, cropped in this case but could of course could be full length with a tucked in button up (which post people own or couple find reasonably) and a fun belt.  This is simple but this gal looks put together and I would take her seriously in the office.



Love this look right down to the nude heels (my nude heels are my absolute favorites).  A cute skirt (that could be worn with many different tops) is a great staple and as I’m posting this I’m thinking about the fact that I already have a green sweater like that one.  Also, the use of a fun necklace can jazz but even the most basic of work attire.  My strategy is to have my jewelry well organized (my mom and I built a little jewelry area in my walk in) so that I can accessorize every day.



Ok, now I want wide leg pants which are probably a terrible look for someone my height (5’2) but I love the use of black pants and a striped top – pretty basic wardrobe items but she’s made them look fun, fresh, and put together.

And for my fellow casual work enviromenters here’s a few pins I’ve taken inspiration from:





I love this. I don’t actually have a leopard purse and don’t really want one but I have some pretty sweet leopard flats and wedges.  And this is easy and comfortable but cute for the workplace.




So, in order to offer some guidance on what I mentioned in yesterday’s post I hope you enjoyed these examples.  Small things with big results.


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