A Farewell to 2014

Greetings from blustery, grey Indiana!

Winding down 2014 with my family up north and freezing my sunshine lovin’ tush off.  I’m one week in with another still to go and that sweet boyfriend of mine is headed this way to ring in the New Year with us, what more could a girl want?  Oh that’s right – a playoff game.  Check check check.  Let’s do this 2015.

I’ve spent a good bit of time planning out a successful 2015 but before we ring it in and I get down to business making it the best year yet, I wanted to take some time to celebrate what an incredible year 2014 has been.  So here’s a few highlights:

–  I finished 63 books and my 4th trip through the entire bible, in a year, in a row.  I’m grateful that my parents modeled a love and commitment to the word that has been growing in me throughout my adult life.  Sadly, none of my friends who started out with me this year finished with me BUT they’ve all committed to try again in 2015.  This could be all of our year!  I hoped to finish 80 books this year but I don’t feel too shabby about 63.

– I completed my third missions trip, this year helping to build a shelter for rescued girls in the Dominican Republic.  It was Casey and I’s second missions trip together (don’t worry, there is already a third on the books for us for next year!).  And hey, I didn’t get poisoned by food on this missions trip so that puts it miles ahead of my Togo trip the year before.

– I received a promotion at work and have moved into a new role, in a new department, that I love.  I never would have imagined myself in a Data role but thankfully my new boss knew me better than I knew myself because I have never been happier in a career.  March will mark 2 years at Grace and I’m officially in my 3rd role. Excited to continue on this path and grateful for new opportunities to learn and grow there.

– I taught my first class to the interns (on finances) and completed my first year on our women’s ministry speaking team

– There were travels, adventures, visitors, and new friends.  I even got my niece and nephew down to Tampa for their first visit this year.

–  And December wrapped up my 5th year as a homeowner.

This has been a year of celebrating, stretching, growing, pushing, and praying.  But most of all I am grateful to say that I started this year with the desire for my faith to be steady no matter what the year held and I can say with great joy that it has been that.  Through a year of high highs and some pretty low lows, my faith has been consistent and I end this year most thankful for that.  And thankful for each of you who has carried me through an amazing year.

Happy New Year.



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