Trying new things has always been a source of excitement for me. When I received an e-mail inviting me to try a fitness class at Mantra with a group of Tampa area bloggers before their official opening, I was thrilled. Saying that I had no idea what to expect might be an understatement considering I came without even a pair of ‘grippy socks’. The staff at Mantra were welcoming, encouraging, and they even provided me with said socks – which really came in handy since my lack of balance and core strength resulted in nearly falling off the machine once during the class as is.

photo 2 photo 3

Mantra offers workouts on a Megaformer (pictured above) – which combines strength, endurance, cardio, flexibility, core, and balance training into one, 50-minute workout. I described it to a friend as ‘pilates on crack’. It was tough but the variety in moves that can be done on one machine keeps you engaged and kept the time moving. It wasn’t a class you spent looking at the clock!

The trainer offered great modifications for any moves we couldn’t quite do but pushed each of us to try our hardest to do each move to the best of our ability for the full length of time. I knew during the workout that it was tough but my three full days of soreness afterwards were confirmation that she gave us a true total body workout.  My chest, sides, abs, legs, and arms all hurt!  Several gals who were taking the class with me were fitness instructors and I heard each of them comment that the workout was tough for them and they knew they would be sore as well.

Mantra is new to South Tampa (located on Dale Mabry just south of Neptune) and definitely worth checking out. Especially if you’re at a high level of fitness and want something that will challenge you and pump up your current workout routine! If you’re no into high impact or if you have areas that are weak (knees, etc) this is a great, low impact but high results class.  Check them out at for more details.

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