Be a Cheerleader

If you’ve been a long time reader of my blog you may remember a post I made years ago in response to an article put out by Relevant Magazine called ‘Stop Instragramming Your Perfect Life’.  My response can be found here.  These concepts lead me to choose my fourth commandment: Be a Cheerleader.

I believe in cheering people on.  I also believe that someone else’s happiness, success, or accomplishments do not detract from my own.  I do not believe in resenting others big moments, I believe in celebrating them.  I love to see other people succeed.  I love to celebrate another person’s win.  If you’re a close friend of mine I will wade through the mud with you and I will put you on my shoulders and scream when you cross the finish line.  I will put you on my prayer wall, text you encouragements, and fight every step of the way to your goal achievement with you  and I will be just as happy as you are when you win.

Being a cheerleader, to me, means that I want the best for the people I care about.  That I take an active role in cheering them on and lifting them up.  It also means that when they get to where they wanted to go – I’m there, genuinely happy for them.

Perhaps this seems like it should be obvious.  But how many people do you (and I) know that can’t be happy for others?  That consider everything a competition or resent the success of others instead of celebrating them?  I do not ever want to succeed at the expensive of someone else.  I compete with myself.  I want to be the best version of me, day in and day out.  I want that just as much for every single one of my friends as I want it for me.

The commandments I’m writing are about living a happier, lighter life.  To do that, I genuinely believe that you have to be able to celebrate other people.  Live in community.    Be a cheerleader.  Also, surround yourself with people who will be this for you as well.  I recently achieved one of the biggest, craziest goals in my Dream Journal.  I shared this success with a few of my closest friends and if you could have seen their reactions you would know – they were every bit as happy about my success as I was.  In fact, I’m not sure they could have been any more excited if they themselves had lived that dream.

4.  Be a Cheerleader.


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