Oh wait, 2016 already?

Well, I for one wasn’t sad to kiss 2015 goodbye.  Goodbye and good riddance I say.  2015 was a yucky year for me in more ways than one.  I did decide to make 2016 a year of being positive so I’ll start that by saying the hardship of last year made turning the calendar page to a fresh year exciting.

So hello 2016, I made it.

These past two years I’ve been such a sporadic blogger than I’ve begun to read my most recent post when I sign back into my blog (usually having had to change my password because it’s been so long I can’t remember how to get into my account).  It appears I last left you as I was on the cusp of 30.  So let’s start there.  30 isn’t the new 20.  It’s better.  30 requires a great deal less of caring what people think.  It comes with the confidence to make your own rules, something I’ve always been inclined to do.  And though I doubt any of you will be surprised by this – it comes with even more freedom to speak your mind.

My theme word for 2016 is steady.  Last year taught me in a baptism by fire kind of way how to keep the main things the main things.  I remember after a particularly trying situation saying ‘Can I be honest here?  I’ve got bigger, more important things on my plate than this’.  Last year was a year that required my time and energy to be spent on the big, important things.  With that came a newfound steadiness. So this year, while I hope there are less highs and lows, I’m going to be steady.  Unwavering in my faith and courageous in my convictions.

Steady means to be firmly fixed, balanced.  That is my commitment.  To be firmly fixed and to maintain balance.

Will this include being a better blogger?  Well, we shall see.  In the past when I’ve taken long breaks from blogging I have found that I either miss writing or I’m finding myself writing other places.  This past year, though, I didn’t miss it.  Perhaps because I’ve done the bulk of my writing in the speech arena or perhaps not.  I’m making no excuses and no apologies.  I’ve stayed busy living and I feel good about that.

Hmm, let’s see if I can answer some of the questions I’d be willing to bet you would want to know…

Yes, I’m still reading a great deal. I finished 60 books in 2015 and I’ve set a goal of 65 for 2016.  Do I plan to travel?  More than ever!  I’ve committed to Houston in March and I’m working on plans with my college girlfriends to cruise to the Bahamas in May.  A few other places I would like to see this year include New Orleans and Portland.  Of course, there will be football travel as well.

Yes,  I did cook my way through a cookbook last year and yes, it was the best goal ever.  I highly recommend this if you need a goal for 2016.  I also recommend you invite me to dinner.  I like to be fed.

What are some of my other goals?  Finish my CC and CL manuals for Toastmasters.  Serve well as the VPPR for my club.  Read the bible in a year, again.  Finish my year commitment to BSF strong.  Be healthier.  Create more space in my schedule for what I love.  Don’t shy away from big opportunities.  Love people well.  That covers the bulk of them.

I really, really wanted to try to make not having a cell phone my 2016 goal but that just seemed impossible between work and the fact that not one of my family members lives close.  So I guess being partially amish is a goal for another year.

I’m going to assume your interest in this post is waning as mine is now and wrap this up.  Thanks for following along with my inconsistent, sporadic posting.  I’ll see ya when I see ya.



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