Top 3 Fiction Reads

Frequently I receive texts, e-mails, and even facebook messages (don’t send me these – I hate them and I’m terrible at responding to them) asking for book recommendations.  So, for those of you who are not my friends on Goodreads here’s some recommendations if you’re hoping to get some reading in over the summer.  I’m drowning in library books which I’m hoping to do some damage on this weekend with 2 flights and 3 full days in Dania Beach.  But in case you’re trying to snag a few from your local library before a trip here’s a few I loved…

Top 3 Fiction Reads of 2016 (so far)

(the first 2 books received 5 stars on my goodreads this year)

The Lake House 


Big Little Lies


Eight Hundred Grapes

Shoutout to my neighbor who recommended this read after her book club did it and my newly formed long distance book club (via google hangout) read this last month.  We unanimously loved it.


I read fiction and nonfiction in equal measure so I will likely do a list for nonfiction reads as well in the near future.  I do LOVE to give away/pass on/recommend books but I subscribe faithfully to my Dad’s belief that you should only recommend books that you’ve read so I will not be posting what I plan to read.  I’m more than halfway through my goal to read 54 books this year so this seemed a fitting time to post.  You’re welcome to e-mail me recommendations as well but I should warn you my reading schedule is full until at least the fall.


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