Top 5 Non-Fiction Reads of 2016

As promised, now that I’ve shared my top 3 fiction reads I need to share some non-fiction.  People tend to be either team fiction or team non-fiction with the same intensity they are team Edward or Jacob (Twilight) or Team Deacon or Luke (Nashville reference).  Me, I indulge in the literary version of having sister wives. I love fiction and I love non-fiction and I manage to have both.  I will say, I read non-fiction that motivates me so I’m a little bias towards it lately.  It’s like a morning pep talk.  So without further pop culture references here’s the list and the added bonus of why I’m smitten:

  1. Better than Before


I have a freakish love of habits. Truly.  I’m always trying to push and challenge myself and as it turns out Gretchen is a kindred habit loving spirit.  This book explained personality types (as they relate to habits), motivation (as it related to personality), and the added bonus of why not to judge night owls if you’re a weirdly morning loving lark like myself.  If you missed my post from a week or so ago about how this book truly helped me be ‘better than before’ – enjoy.

2.  I Know How She Does It


Time management may be my favorite nerd subject of all.  I used the time tracker to track my life in 30 minute increments for a month.  It’s on my list to write a post (or maybe vlog) about what I learned from that exercise. This book taught me ways to maximize my time, quit wasting it, and take control of my time back from those who tend to drain it unnecessarily.

3.  The Advantage


I saw Patrick Lencioni speak at the Global Leadership Summit a few years ago and was kind of obsessed with him.  He’s an incredibly engaging speaker with an impressive and far reaching understanding of what makes and breaks organizations.  Can I get a nerd swoon? I kid.  But really, this book was ‘YES! THAT!’ moments galore.  Having worked in big, small, non-profit, and for-profit organizations I could relate to nearly every example he gave.  Highly recommend.  Oh and he’s speaking at the GLS again this year and I’m so pumped.

4.  Talk Like TED


Even if you don’t want to be a professional speaker (um, pretty sure I don’t either) this is a great read.  We all (like it or not) have to speak to groups small or large. If you’re anything like me you want to nail it when it’s necessary.  I will also say as an added bonus: it’s an easy read.

5.  The Year of Yes


Note: I do not watch Grey’s Anatomy.  BUT I think this girl is a rockstar. Mom of 3, writer of multiple shows with a crazy amount of writers, and now a book?  She had me at saying yes and taking opportunities.  We certainly don’t have the same beliefs or lifestyle but I have to say – I was cheering ‘Shonda Shonda Shonda!’ while I read.


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