Pinteresting: Fall Prep

Normally the queen of overcommitment I’ve decided that I’m sticking with my efforts to not let perfect by the enemy of good.  Sometimes good is quite simply good enough.  As I prepare for weekend upon weekend out of town (literally 6 before mid-November) I was determined to enjoy this season.  I love the fall.  Football season, family, fall treats, and so many festivities – what’s not to love?  But as someone who absolutely hates the feeling of being unprepared and frantic I wanted to work ahead.

After a girlfriend had to cancel her trip to see me this weekend I realized I would have a few coveted, unscheduled hours.  These are rare in my current calendar so I blocked them off and started planning ahead. Always a fan of the ‘why go out and buy it if it can be delivered with Amazon Prime’ camp – I ordered my supplies in advance with a few exceptions.

The goal was to spend my Saturday morning at home stocking the freezer for fall events and the Wednesday night high school bible study I’m hosting.  Knowing that my weekends are spoken for nearly until 2017 it seemed wise to work when I can, right?  I took to Pinterest in advance and found recipes for cookie doughs that could be frozen and used like homemade break and bakes (or slice and bakes).  I used these two recipes:

Slice ‘n Bake Vanilla Bean Sugar Cookies

Notes: I made 3ish rolls of these slice and baked cookies and froze the rolls (wrapped and then placed in a ziplock).  I COULD have stashed the supplies for the icing but let’s be real – so I bought buttercream frosting and sprinkles and stocked the pantry with those.  Slice, bake, ice, sprinkle – insta hostess.

Chewy Ginger Snap Cookies


Notes:  This dough is legit.  I followed the full instructions (for once) and I froze them a little before putting them in the ziplock so they wouldn’t stick together in the freezer. I made 5 dozen frozen cookie dough balls.  I also followed the link that gave instructions for freezing and as recommended I took the time to write the instructions directly on the ziplock bags.  The point of prepping is that it is easy on the back end, right? I didn’t want to dig for the recipe and wonder ‘what temp? how long?’.


Also, years ago I found an epic pumpkin recipe that I have made about a million times since.  I’ve made 6 loaves in the last few weeks to stock the freezer and wanting to give a few as gifts. The recipe makes 3 loaves (the perfect amount: 1 for you, 1 for someone else, 1 for the freezer amiright?).  By the way, I always generously put chocolate chips in every loaf.  I thought I would share this recipe too for all you pumpkin lovers.

Becca’s favorite tried and true pumpkin bread recipe.

You’ll notice in the background that in a weird fit of ambition I FINALLY tried making homemade candles.  This is something I’ve been wanting to try for years. One of my girlfriends who made candles for Christmas gifts a couple years ago gave me all of her leftover supplies (Thanks Sierra!) and I ordered the rest of what I needed with Amazon Prime.  I started small with Lavender and Honeysuckle fragrance oils.  Those are two scents I was confident I love in candles (not combined).  Over the past year or so I’ve been saving old candle jars (thanks to Pinterest I learned how to get the wax out of them) and tins to reuse.

I also used dried rose petals from my birthday flowers to pretty up the tops.


Was it worth the time?  Yes!  I used my prettiest tins for gifts for 2 of my close friends who had birthdays (with a loaf of pumpkin bread, of course).  But I’ve been burning my own as well and really enjoying it.  I will say, I think I failed to put enough fragrance oil in my first batch so I was more generous with my second.  You can even get creative with what you make into candles. I used this old coffee tin that once held espresso on my coffee bar (it was too cute to toss, right?).


I promise to do these post more regularly. I really have been trying new things from Pinterest left and right.  It’s just taking the time to report back I’ve been slacking on.  OK, and blogging in general.

If you want to know some of what I tried and you follow me on Pinterest you can also keep up with my ‘Pinned That, Done That board there.

See you back here soon.


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