Pinteresting: Entertaining, Updos, and Home Decor

Normally the schedule I’m keeping this fall would have me chugging diet coke from a 2 liter and crying myself to sleep.  Keeping consistently with the theme ‘present over perfect’ and enjoying each season I find that I’m doing more of the things I love than even in previous, slower seasons.

While my older sister was in town kicking off my fall (and smack in the middle of 4 weekends in a row of visitors) I took her shopping at my absolute favorite spot in South Tampa – The Summer House! It’s this fantastically eclectic little shop with vintage, handmade, and refurbished furniture and tchotchkes.

I pinned this DIY blanket ladder years ago as a project to ‘get around to’, though admittedly I was never planning on making my own.  I’m more of a treasure huntress by nature.



The $10 Tutorial can be found here or on my Pinterest account.

After patiently over analyzing every single ladder I’ve come in contact with in the past 6 months or so I found this already perfectly painted ladder for my own living room:

Blanket Ladder.jpg

My sister doesn’t like my blanket stash (she laughed hysterically and announced they seem more like blankets that should be on a bed then a couch).  Decorating and keeping up a house is always a work in progress though, isn’t it?  I’ll get there.

The floppy basket pictured was the former blanket keeper which was stashed in the corner now occupied by my blanket ladder.  I think we can all agree, a vast improvement.

I’m continuing to love having a house full of high schoolers studying the bible on Wednesday nights because it gives me a great opportunity to try out recipes.


While I cannot take credit for that adorable pumpkin cake (thanks Publix!) those muffins are my absolute favorite recipe.  As you may know if you followed along last year I cooked my way through a Six Sisters cookbook and this was a gem found during that process.


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