I took two full days off of work to be home and work on my plans for 2017.  Goals have always been really important to me.  I’d love to blame my degree for making me obsessed with behavior modification and success plans but really, I think it goes farther back than that.  This year, taking time to enjoy the process of coming up with what a successful year is to me in 2017 was a treat.  And I found some really interesting insights along the way.

I wanted to share with you this quote from Real Simple magazine in the January issue (I love that January issues come out in the December and get me fired up for the newness of a fresh year).

Reader Robyn Chilcoat wrote this in response to the prompt: ‘In 2017 I will…’

I will hold myself to a standard of grace, not perfection.  As I’ve gotten older, I’ve realized that it’s not perfection that my loved ones want – it’s me and all my wonderful flaws and imperfections.

I raise my diet coke to the wisdom of Robyn as I look forward to a standard of grace in 2017.  I anticipate this year will be bigger, better, and harder than any year before it.  With that, I’m continuing my quest towards being present, not perfect.  Giving up the standard of perfection has done wonders for me.  After 2 years battling severe IBS triggered by self-inflicted stress and 4 years since working to avoid a return to that – I’m living proof that the pursuit of perfection comes at a cost.

In 2016 I was kinder to myself as I took on new challenges, new opportunities, and completed big goals.  I gave myself a pass on the days that my to-do lists weren’t finished, my house wasn’t perfect, or in the case of December: I showed up a week early to volunteer because I couldn’t keep the dates straight in my head.  What Robyn so beautifully expressed has been true for me: my family & friends are happy to have me.  There.  Present.  Involved.  And if I show up with my hair in a baseball cap, no makeup, and left a pile of unfolded laundry on my living room couch, that’s ok.

So cheers, to a year of grace over perfection as we climb bigger mountains and accomplish greater things.


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