One (word)

After the intensely satisfying discussion one of my (two) bookclubs had of the book ‘The Happiness Project’ I was elated to impulse buy ‘a happier 2017‘ page-a-day calendar at my local TJMaxx.  Commit to one little happier project every day for a year?  Yes, I will.  I make no overly ambitious promises that I will daily (weekly or even regularly) document them for you here but I AM hopeful that a happier 2017 will include a bit more writing for public consumption.  Here’s to hoping.

One is for the one word that will be the theme of this year.  Amazingly, this is a concept I adopted and promptly forced upon all my friends a few years ago (after another good book, One Word That Will Change Your Life).  I had planned to keep this tradition anyway so when I peeked ahead to make sure I should buy this calendar (thrifty to a fault, I am) I was excited to read this would be my first project.

This year I am choosing: Dauntless.  To be dauntless is to be: resolute.  Showing fearlessness and determination.  Unflinching and gutsy.  May 2017 be wholly this.

One of my commandments for my life that I created in 2016 was this: make no decisions out of fear.  Only my closest friends could explain to you my complex relationship with the unknown.  I battle an intense fear of failure.  As a result I fear that unknown because if I don’t know what’s ahead, how will I ensure I succeed at it?  This fear has held me back from opportunities in the past.  In 2016 I put that into words as I wrote on my vision board that command.  I anticipate with many big, bold things to come in 2017 I will need to overcome this with more ferocity than ever before.

I was also left a little breathless by a second definition that read: not discouraged by difficulty or disappointment.

In 2016 I gave myself permission to try.  See to me, trying doesn’t always mean succeeding.  It means, give it a shot.  Make an effort.  Feel it out. I didn’t fully consider that with trying and sometimes discovering that nope, this isn’t the right thing I would still feel disappointment.  So this year I will not be discouraged by difficulties or disappointments which I know will come with this bold theme choice.

This year I will be resolute, gutsy, and determined.  This is the year of being dauntless.



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