How to Gain Control of Your Free Time

‘We can build the lives we want in the time we’ve got’ – Laura Vanderkam

That’s a promise I can get behind.

Time.  December is the month I always refocus on how I’m going spend my time in the coming year. My absolute favorite time management expert, Laura Vanderkam recently gave a TED Talk (I’m also obsessed with TED Talks) on how to gain control of your free time.  This seemed like a great video to share as we all prepare for a great next year.

One of my huge frustrations are people who use ‘time’ as the excuse for why they’re not doing what they say they value.  I’m sad every time people tell me they WOULD read, travel, blog, have quality friendships but THEY don’t have the time.  Laura’s books and blog have completely changed the way I manage time and have helped me make the most of my 168 hours a week.  Sharing the love today:

I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.  If she leaves you wanting more, check out her books.  I highly recommend them.


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