‘It is easy to be heavy; hard to be light’ – G.K. Chesterton

Today’s happier 2017 page of the day held this quote.  Read it to yourself a few times over.  Since it’s the 8th day of my happier year, I’ve decided on these eight ways to be light in 2017:

  • Be better not perfect
  • Make the most of mornings (before I get ready for work I spent about an hour and a half with the Lord, reading, journaling, etc to help me reach my goals – having a productive morning really does make me lighter all day)
  • Don’t check e-mail in the morning
  • Spend one hour everyday unplugged
  • Get outside (fresh air keeps us all lighter… and sane)
  • Sleep 7+ hours a night (because exhaustion is heavy)
  • Express gratitude (a few years ago I wrote a card every Friday by hand encouraging or thanking someone – I’m bringing it back)
  • Don’t own others problems (you already know)

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