Secret of Adulthood 


Today’s happiness calendar page lists one of the secrets of adulthood (if you follow Gretchen Rubin you know she’s big on these): People actually prefer you buy something from their registry.

Confession: I’ve broken this secret of adulthood a number of times. As I read it though, I realized, yes, that makes sense. Next weekend I fly to Ft. Wayne, Indiana to celebrate as my closet college guy friend ties the knot. Since I, flying a discount airline and baggage is an issue I went gift card (spoiler alert) but I did choose one of the places they were registered. One of my commandments for my life is this: take the time.

Next weekend I will put on a dress I love. I’ll wear heels for the first time all year (dare I hope the last?). I will freeze because we Floridinas don’t do winter. But I will smile til my face hurts and probably ugly cry with sheer joy.

Being part of the special moments in our friends lives is invaluable. Good friendships don’t happen by accident. Meetings sometimes do. I met Casey at a party. My college roommate, given to me by Purdue University, was from a small Christian school in Ft. Wayne. I went with her to a party of her high schoool friends where I quickly bonded with two guys who shared my love of football.

We were fast friends. We rode back and forth to games together. We hung out every weekend (and of course on 10 cent wing night at Brothers). And while it had all the makings of your typical convienent college friendship, it has stood the test of time.

The sweet part of this story comes much later. I’ve confessed previously that I wasn’t living for the Lord in college but I wasn’t particularly wild either. Casey on the other hand was the life of the party. We use to joke that I kept him from jail a few times, occasionally coming out in my pjs and ugg boots to retrieve him from the local bars and deliver him home safely. Graciously we both survived and lived to find a now shared love of the same Savior.

I’ve gotten to watch with great joy Casey’s transformation (although hes very much the life of the party to this day). I watched him question the meaning of life. I was thrilled when he accepted Christ. And in the years since it’s been incredible to watch him grow and share his passion with others.

So next week I’m headed north to brave the winter and celebrate my sweet friend. As an added bonus my college roommate has returned to the Ft. and is graciously taking me in for the weekend. Can’t wait to catch up and love on her three little boys (am I old enough for my friends to have 3 kids?).

This is the ultimate.  Getting to be there for the big moments in the lives of friends I’ve treasured for more than decade.  I’ve always felt sad for the people who say college was the best four years of their lives – each year gets better and better in my book.  But I am incredibly grateful for the friendships made during those blustery gray days in West Lafayette, Indiana.

And Casey, I love ya.


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