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Frequently my love of organization warrants comments from others to the effect of ‘you need to come over and help me’.  Actually, I just might.  I love to organize (and purge).  In the meantime, I thought I’d give you a few good places to start if you’re looking to be more organized (or at least less cluttered) in 2017.

I tore a page out of Real Simple’s January issue that had some great ideas. I’ve pasted it here but here’s a few additional comments after having a few weeks to start working on my list…

  • I started January 1 by unsubscribing.  If you’ve caught yourself being frustrated with the amount of ‘junk’ e-mail you’re constantly bombarded with: start here.  As a bonus, the less shopping related e-mails you receive the easier it is to be content with what you have.  I recommend this for your time, yourqqa sanity, and your contentment.
  • I booked a date with a friend I never see enough of by planning a lunch at Chickfila for the first week of January to go over our goals and talk about how we can help each other reach them this year.  It was fun, yummy, and productively in the theme of New Year.
  • I don’t color my hair but I did go ahead and book my haircuts for the next quarter.  With the amount of traveling I do a whole year seemed like an overwhelming commitment to me so I started smaller.  I had my first trim of 2017 this past Friday (they’re cheaper on Fridays and I’m off).
  • Clean out the freezer. So I opened mine up, took mental inventory, and then promptly thawed and used goodies for a game night!  Pumpkin pie, sugar cookies, and pumpkin bread are still delicious in January, right?  I opened up 2 shelves in my freezer with this and game night was a blast.
  • I didn’t download a meditation app because I don’t meditate.  But this is MY new year and I’m making it my own.  So, I downloaded the Alexa app and committed to learning how to make the most out of my latest gadget (a Christmas gift).  I’m VERY low tech at home since I have a technology driven job (data management).  But this little gadget can make a to do list for me while I’m doing the dishes.  Yes.

Now it’s time to move to the longer commitments which of course are harder to get done.  So this week I’m working on purging e-mails (out with the old), purging the 10 worst items from my closet (maybe this will be post worthy), and sort a box from the closet.

Actually, I’ve already done a few of these hour long projects.  This weekend I made the time to go through 2 totes of pictures and memories from my parents Indianapolis house.  If you’re only a blog follower not a real life friend: my parents recently downsized to a condo in Miami and cleaned out the house they lived in while I was in high school and college.  They promptly dropped off 2 huge plastic totes of things at my place.

Keeping with my Happier 2017 mindset, I actually really enjoyed this process.  I went through the photos and laughed about all the wonderful memories.  There were some GREAT photos of my grandparents (I’m blessed to have all four of my grandparents still) that really made my day. 2 totes quickly became one and I filled the other with all of my holiday decor.

I already dumped out and edited and and restocked my makeup bag. I got the hankering to do that in December.  Bonus. I do recommend it though. I found that I had some old makeup that needed thrown out.  I also found several lipstick and blushes that were terrible colors for me and brought them to work where they were happily snatched up by several of my coworkers with different coloring than mine.  Actually, this prompted them to bring ME some makeup they had that didn’t look good on them but they hoped might work for me.  It did.  I strongly recommend this.

Identify 3 new meals?  Well, I’m actually doing that weekly.  I’m working my way through Skinny Suppers (my the Skinny Mom blogger) this year.  My favorite this week? Zucchini taco boats.  Yum.

Just writing this has me ready to get back to work before my Thursday departure to spend  a whole glorious weekend with my best friend.



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