Day 20 of a happier 2017: enjoy the pleasure of collecting.

Candy, my best friend, often teases me about my love of purging.  Every time I report that I’m cleaning out a closet or the garage she says, ‘how is there anything left to get rid of?’  I get an alarming sense of joy out of throwing things away.  When I first read the Happiness Project and she suggested that there is much joy to be found in collecting I’m sure I made a face as I read it.  I have since come to the dark side of clutter for a collection and will admit, I’ve found great joy in it.  I collect Starbucks coffee mugs when I travel.  This is a hilarious collection choice because I don’t actually like Starbucks coffee.  Just the mugs.

This mug, from Phoenix, has a funny story.  It went ‘missing’ from my hotel room the day before check out while I was hiking in Sedona for the day.  The hotel graciously got me another mug and I paid more to have it shipped than I did for the actual mug but I was attached to the idea of having one from that trip.  They decorate my coffee bar and I have plenty left to drink out of them daily during my coffee and quiet times.


So even if you’re freakish about every item having a place, figure out a way to collect something.  If you’re as …intense… as I am, feel free to collect something useful like coffee mugs.

I’m hopeful to add London to the collection this year as I’m currently saving for a September trip to follow the Miami Dolphins there. Other things I love to collect from travels: Christmas ornaments & fridge magnets.  When I can’t find mugs I usually go with one of those two options.  My house has become a tribute to my love of exploration and it does, in fact, bring me much happiness.



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